About Us

Nicholas Eastham

Community Outreach Coordinator - Central Ohio

Nicholas Eastham joined the CliniSync team in December of 2017. He brings over five years of nonprofit experience with him, having worked for organizations such as Mount Carmel West, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Alvis Inc.
Nicholas graduated from The Ohio State University in May of 2016, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Minor in Sociology. Following graduation, he had a Communications/Resource Development Internship with Alvis, where he worked with a team to highlight the successes and struggles of those who have experience with the criminal justice system. One year later, he joined Alvis as a Program Assistant, working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. There, he taught clients healthy budgeting techniques, as well as encouraging appropriate and prosocial behaviors while participating within the community.
Nicholas joined CliniSync to gain experience in a new field, while still making a difference in people’s lives. “Working in a nonprofit is important to me, and whether it is working on a small or large scale, helping people means the most to me,” he said.

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